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Silver Wing


Comfort, poise and performance.

The Silver Wing’s ample size, powerful performance and sumptuous comfort are well-deserving of its reputation as the luxury sedan of the scooter world. This elegant vehicle cruises majestically along city streets, country roads and motorways alike, delivering a riding experience of such effortless control and comfort that it feels like flying.

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City life can be hectic. But why fight your way through the traffic when you can just glide right past it?

The 582cc engine takes the everyday benefits of a scooter to another level. With incredibly smooth power through the entire rev range, it offers traffic beating acceleration whether from a standstill or cruising on the motorway. A highly efficient fuel-injection system ensures emissions are at a minimum, while the compact engine design promotes a low centre of gravity for a reassuringly stable ride. So sit back, and let Honda engineering add a little luxury to your journey.

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