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Imagine having just as much fun going to work as you do going away for the weekend.

The Forza 300 is a sleekly styled, easy-to-ride scooter that gives you the benefit of a liquid-cooled engine with plenty of power and torque as well as more efficient fuel consumption. So whether you’re taking on rush-hour traffic or hitting the open road, the Forza 300 will always give you that feel-good factor.

The ultimate GT scooter.

Completely redesigned and re-engineered, this strong performing popular Honda Forza 300 scooter – made in Italy – has evolved into a light, compact and agile bike that’s sportier than ever.


It just gets better and better.

This latest incarnation has an all-new tubular steel frame; lighter bones for a strong-pulling 279cc engine that delivers an agile ride. Now with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) – the first time on a Honda scooter – you get perfect traction. Lighting is full LED, and up front you’ll find an electronically adjustable windscreen and the digital and analogue combined, instrument panel. This new scooter has a genuine GT feeling, but underneath you’ll discover it has a real sporty nature too.


A svelte, new look to match its sharp performance.

It’s a fast-moving sculpture of aerodynamic efficiency and style. The Forza is a portrayal of smooth modern lines that create a real sense of sportiness with a new sharp and focussed look.

Tuning the airflow

The electronically-operated windscreen can be easily adjusted through a 140mm range as you ride. The height can be altered by simply pushing the button – up or down – on the left handlebar to suit the ever changing weather conditions – reducing noise and fatigue.

Secure storage

The Forza has excellent, secure storage capacity that’s essential for city life. It features a handy ACC plug to charge up your mobile and enough under-seat space for two full-face helmets, so there’s less to carry once you’re where you want to be.

A dash of style

The new LCD instrument panel is designed to combine a stylish analogue speedometer feature and allows the rider to see all information clearly at a glance, night or day.

Lighting the way

The bright, new LED headlight and taillight – indicators too – are designed as part of the Forza’s sculpted new look. But it's not just about style; they ensure a big presence on the road at night, improving visibility too.

Simple and clever

The Forza is equipped with a Smart key system for convenience and security. When you're close to the bike, you can start the engine or trigger the seat release – all with just the touch of a button.

Looking ahead

Whilst retaining its comfortable ‘sit in’ riding position for rider and passenger, the Forza’s seat has been redesigned with a higher riding position for better visibility.

Safer braking

Slowing and stopping with 2-channel ABS, inspires confidence on less than perfect roads, or in wet conditions. It’s precise and stable through the front 259mm disc, coupled with the rear 240mm disc brake.

Safe combination

The Forza sits on 15” front, and 14” rear, cast aluminium wheels. An excellent combination that delivers nimble handling and overall stability for both city and motorway riding.


The Forza goes from strength to strength.

The SOHC 279cc liquid-cooled engine has been tuned for fun and accelerates faster, and smoother, thanks to the V-Matic transmission. The Forza now has a higher top speed without sacrificing its reputation for fuel efficiency – you can go as far as 215 miles on a full tank.

Feel the Forza

Now, for the first time on a Honda scooter, the Forza has Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). This feature progressively monitors engine torque to control rear-wheel slip. It’s like having an extra sense of safety for cornering in the wet; but when it’s dry, a sense of fun kicks in – laying down the just the right amount of power for a quick exit.

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