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A genuine thrill, every time.

Imagine if your routine ride to work could make your hair stand on end, or a quick ride to the shop could get your pulse racing. The new Forza 125 gives you more from every moment in life – more performance, more style, more practicality and more technology – turning the boring A to B into a heart-pumping thrill ride.

Everything you could ever want from a 125cc scooter, and more.

The Forza 125 gives you the confidence to take on the city. It features a new four-value PGM-FI fuel-injected engine, designed for strong mid-range and top-end power. Every ride is a thrill thanks to class-leading rolling acceleration, swift pick-up from standstill and strong high-speed performance.

But it’s not all about the power. The Forza 125 comes with a whole host of exciting features designed to give you more. Low-friction technologies combine with idle stop to deliver exceptional fuel economy of 123mpg (WMTC mode), allowing you to go further for longer. It’s easy to handle too; the light weight of 162kg (with ABS) not only aids performance, it also makes it more manageable at walking speeds and easy to park.

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