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Super DAX 125

Riding is Fun with Honda DAX 125

Which is why the Dax is back. Born in the late 1960s, all the things that made it so good then – small size, easy-going engine and light steering – make it even more enjoyable today. We’ve added more power, an upgraded frame, suspension and brakes, but the simple essence remains the same: Dax and relax, riding is fun.

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Magic ones, too. That first twist of throttle, the feeling of moving forward, of individuality. Of freedom. This is what the Dax does. It opens the door of motorcycling wide open, for anybody and everybody and does it with authentic, cheeky charm. After 40 years away from Europe a faithful old friend is back, ready to make new memories.

Honda DAX 125 Features

Authentic to Every Last Nut and Bolt

The Dax is a true style icon of the 1970s, brought back for the modern day with big performance packed into a small bike. Riding’s never looked, or felt, so good.

Easy Riding Enjoyment for Everybody

A low seat and wide, upswept handlebars make for light steering and great balance, especially at low speed. There’s also more than enough room for a passenger.

Smooth Engine Power and Fuel Efficiency

Quiet-running and fuel-efficient, the engine is a pleasure to use. A centrifugal clutch adds twist-and-go simplicity for gear shifting. Just move, and enjoy.

Wide Tyres for Good All-Round Traction

This is a tough little bike and it wears suitably chunky tyres; 120mm wide up front and 130mm rear for sure-footed grip on rougher ground.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes with ABS Control

Just right for every level of riding experience, the brakes deliver effective stopping power, with the benefit of ABS back-up to manage braking in all conditions.

Full LED Lighting

Round LEDs in the circular headlight add even more appeal. The front indicators also act as position lights, improving visibility to other road users.

Real Neo Retro Charm and a Thoroughly Modern Motorcycle

Why is the Dax, called the Dax you might ask? It’s because its T-shaped pressed-steel mainframe looks rather like a Dachshund dog. Constructed with 21st century engineering know-how it’s both sturdy and stylish. All the other parts are perfect in period detail; the high mini-ape handlebars, off-road-inspired upswept exhaust muffler and dual seat all give the Dax its unmistakable, charming form.

Uncomplicated Riding Pleasure - What Else Do You Need?

The Dax is for everybody. So we’ve made it easy to ride. Starting with a seat height of just 775mm and natural control from a relaxed, upright riding position. High-quality suspension – 31mm USD front forks and twin rear shocks – provide a plush ride, as do fat front and rear tyres, which grip well on a variety of surfaces. For peace of mind, single-channel ABS controls braking force to the hydraulic front and rear calipers.

Robust and Efficient Riding with Twist and Go Simplicity

Built for durability and smooth delivery, the air-cooled, 124cc engine produces 6.9kw peak power with 10.8Nm torque. That equals lively around-town acceleration and a realistic, two-up cruising speed of 90km/h. It also sips fuel, at 63.7km/l (WMTC mode). To make life even more straightforward, a centrifugal clutch does away with a clutch lever – just open the throttle and go. Shifting through all four gears is via foot lever, but the system does all the work.

Small On Size Big On Features

It’s all the small things that catch the eye. The chromed rear grab rail is styled just right and also provides a neat handhold for a passenger. A cover protects the final drive chain from the elements (and loose clothing) while blacked-out, 12-inch 5-spoke wheels add a touch of modernity. As does full LED lighting and a compact, circular negative LCD instrument display full of the information you need, and nothing else.

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