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CBR 125R


Super Sport starts here.

The 125cc sportsbike class is where riding careers begin. Since its introduction, the CBR 125R has represented the ideal first sportsbike. It’s blessed with the refinement, ease of use and welcoming handling that have become synonymous with the CBR family.

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At Honda, we understand that a bike that looks sporty needs to act sporty too. So, you’ll find a chassis, engine and riding position that takes all the knowledge we’ve learned on the track and packs it into a serious motorcycle, for people who are serious about climbing the Super Sports ladder.

The CBR 125R was designed to offer young riders the opportunity to their develop sports riding skills. For most new riders, on the road or race circuits, 125cc machines are the first step on a path that could lead anywhere, even right to the top. That’s why 125cc sports bikes should be as rewarding to ride as bigger Super Sport machines.

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